Friends of Missouri Midwives 6th Annual Cookie Day!

It’s that time of year again!  The legislative session is back in full swing and it’s time to show those legislators just how many Midwifery supporters there are in Missouri.  They have come to look forward to our invasion with sweets!  Join in the fun and bring your cookies.  For more information, see the facebook event page here, visit the FoMM Blog, or the FoMM Website.

This is a great, low pressure way to support Missouri Midwifery and meet/visit friends from FoMM.  This is a very family friendly event, so bring them all!!

February 10, 2010 at 9:00am, State Capitol Building.


Grassroots Network: MAMA Campaign Goes into the “Home Stretch”

Dear Friends,

Here’s hoping you all had a terrific holiday season!

As you know from the news, the health care reform legislation is not yet finished. Here is the latest from the MAMA Campaign, which is still actively working for Certified Professional Midwives, because it isn’t over till it’s over!

For more about the MAMA Campaign, visit

Susan Hodges “gatekeeper”



From the MAMA Campaign:

Happy New Year From the MAMA Campaign!

We at the MAMA Campaign wish you a Happy New Year and hope you had an excellent holiday season! We enjoyed our time off with our families, and are now back to work for Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) on Capitol Hill! We want to give you an update about our goals and plans for the next month, which is the critical “home stretch” as the House and Senate make preparations for their final vote on the health care reform bill.

MAMA is Back on the Hill for Midwives and Mothers
Your Senators and Congress Members returned to Washington this week and are back in action to produce a health care bill for President Obama to sign early in the New Year. And MAMA is right there too!

During these next few weeks, the House and the Senate will be working together in an informal “conference process” to reconcile the differences in the health care bills passed by each chamber late last year. Our MAMA lobbyist, Billy Wynne, informed us that high level negotiations began last Thursday among the staff of the Senate and House leadership and key committees to hammer out a bill that both chambers can pass. These staff members have cleared their calendars into the future for this work and held a 15 hour work session on Saturday. While the negotiations are already proving contentious, it is expected that a deal will in fact be reached and that a final bill will be sent to the President sometime in February.

The conference process offers a fresh opportunity for the Campaign to leverage the strong support that MAMA enjoys among members of the Senate Finance and the House Energy and Commerce Committees to raise the profile of Certified Professional Midwives in the final health care bill. MAMA leadership, along with MAMA constituents from key states and Health Policy Source, our intrepid lobbyists, are at work over these next weeks of the conference process to include language in the final bill that will specifically reference Certified Professional Midwives.

And we continue to be grateful to Senator Cantwell and Finance Committee leadership for Senator Cantwell’s provision that will have the effect of requiring payment of the provider fee for CPMs offering services in licensed birth centers – and for securing Senator Reid’s commitment to keep this provision in the bill throughout the conference process.
And remember: it is your support that has produced such important gains in Congress over these last months for Midwives and Mothers! So keep your letters and dollars flowing as MAMA moves into the New Year with fresh energy for Midwives and Mothers!

MAMA Is Ready To Start the Year Strong!
Individual contributions from people like you give MAMA life. Thanks to every one of our 500 donors, MAMA is alive and well! With just a few more weeks to go, we need just a few more dollars. Can you help us now by making a contribution of $50, $100, $500 or more? Every dollar will be well-spent as we wrap-up this phase of our campaign to achieve federal recognition of Certified Professional Midwives!
Any amount will make a difference!

Donate to MAMA at .

Keep Those Letters Coming!

As your legislators make crucial decisions about what will be included in health care reform, it is important that they hear from you and that they know that MAMA is watching! Write to your members of Congress today to ask them to include Certified Professional Midwives in any health care reform legislation! If you have not written yet, now is the time! If you have written previously, write again! Your Senators and Representatives need to hear from YOU on behalf of Certified Professional Midwives and Mothers, regardless of their position on health care reform. Visit for help and sample letters you can use to contact your legislators.

MAMA Is Blogging Health Care Reform
Also back online after the holiday break is the Grapevine – MAMA’s source for keeping you up-to-date on health care reform. Come see our take on the latest happenings on Capitol Hill! Visit the Grapevine at .

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact the campaign at

More great information from Citizens for Midwifery

The Citizens for Midwifery blog has so many great posts up today that I can’t pick just one to repeat here!  So, instead, I’ll give you a sneak peek and link them…this is for those of you who are lazy like me and don’t want to take the time to cut/paste.  Enjoy.

Up first is the recent radio program in Massachusetts discussing legislation for creating a Board of Registration of Midwifery.  You can listen to the  and then read comments.   CfM’s Susan Hodges chimes in with a great comment that can be read right at the blog.  She points out that  ACOG is a professional organization accountable only to their members.  Their insistence that hospitals are the safest place for all women to give birth is lacking in scientific evidence.  In fact, research shows that women with normal pregnancies who planned homebirth with a trained midwife are just as safe as those in the hospital AND have lower rates of interventions as well as morbidity for mothers and babies.  To read more, click here.

Next, an update from Grassroots Network concerning Childbirth Connection.  A new resource document called ‘United States Maternity Care Facts and Figures‘ is now available!  To get updates via email from Childbirth Connection, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.  To read the full post on CfM, click here.

Last, MAMA Campaign update.  If you were unable to attend the webinar on December 3, you can now download it!  Click here to go.  In addition, there are the highlights of MAMA’s work for Certified Professional Midwives this year.  To view the complete post, click here.

So much information, so little time!

MAMA Campaign hosts webinar December 3!

MAMA Has Good News to Share!

Join Us for a Webinar on December 3rd to Learn All About It!

Register at

Our federal lobbyist, Billy Wynne will join representatives from the Campaign Steering Committee, on Thursday, December 3rd, for an exciting webinar about the MAMA Campaign at 8 pm EST.  Please note that this is a new date.  The webinar was previously scheduled for the beginning of Thanksgiving week, but that week was too busy for too many of our supporters so we have postponed the date a week to accommodate our supporters.

MAMA has good news to share! The effort to secure federal recognition of CPMs got a big boost this week – language beneficial to CPMs is included in the Senate health care bill just released on Wednesday, November 18th.  And MAMA is still hard at work to include our amendment to reimburse CPMs in the federal Medicaid program in the final bill that will go to the President to be signed early next year.

You are invited to join us to hear:

* What this new language in the Senate bill will mean for midwives and
mothers across the country

* The impressive support for CPMs that MAMA has built among key
legislators over the last six months, that will serve midwives and
mothers well for years to come

* About the most successful fundraising campaign for midwifery ever!

* What the next steps are this year for Federal recognition for CPMs

It is easy to participate in the webinar!

Visit to register and receive easy steps to join us.

And during the webinar MAMA wants to answer your questions:

email a question to and put “Webinar Question Submission” in the subject line.

We look forward to your participation!

MAMA thanks you for your support.   If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact the campaign at

What’s in a Name?

Originally, this blog appeared here.  I started it when I was going to the Capitol every so often to lobby for legal midwifery.  Yes, you read that right.  Just a short time ago, midwifery was illegal in the state of Missouri.  In fact, it was a FELONY!  This means that Midwives were held to the same legal punishments as car thieves, murderers, and some drug dealers.  It seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?  What’s even worse is that no one really gave a fig who/what/when/where your birth was taking place so long as NO ONE present knew what they were doing.  If, however, you happened to have a person who has training in home birth well, that just wouldn’t do!!  But, I digress…

Walking into the Capitol building for the first time, as a voter who had issues to discuss, was an eye opener for me.  I had toured the Capitol years earlier in school and I paid attention in my government class.  I was fairly confident I knew how things worked.  As you can imagine, I had my naiveté firmly and quickly ripped away.  These (mostly) men were not at all interested in anything I had to say, which is incredibly frustrating to someone like me, who is egotistical enough to believe that my opinion matters .  Some of them were willing to sit and pretend to listen, but most didn’t even do that.  It became clear to me why our archaic law had not been changed in almost fifty years and why many families gave up trying after twenty or so years of failure.  Of course, they did not have Mary Ueland or Debbie Smithey.

Upon returning home from the Capitol that day in May, I felt angry and helpless.  I knew I couldn’t devote the kind of time these other ladies were…at the time I was a single, homeschooling, working mother.  I could, however, get on the good ol’ internet and blog away about how awful this whole situation was.  But what to name the blog?  I wanted something catchy but not cute.  I kept mulling over how crazy all those legislators thought us “little women” were for thinking we could ever make a difference (and of course, for having our babies at home).  I kept thinking about the fear these men had when it came to birth, and then it hit me.  Maybe, if we kept singing the rant over and over again, like they do in the Wizard of Oz, the legislators would get it.  So, here we are.