What’s in a Name?

Originally, this blog appeared here.  I started it when I was going to the Capitol every so often to lobby for legal midwifery.  Yes, you read that right.  Just a short time ago, midwifery was illegal in the state of Missouri.  In fact, it was a FELONY!  This means that Midwives were held to the same legal punishments as car thieves, murderers, and some drug dealers.  It seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?  What’s even worse is that no one really gave a fig who/what/when/where your birth was taking place so long as NO ONE present knew what they were doing.  If, however, you happened to have a person who has training in home birth well, that just wouldn’t do!!  But, I digress…

Walking into the Capitol building for the first time, as a voter who had issues to discuss, was an eye opener for me.  I had toured the Capitol years earlier in school and I paid attention in my government class.  I was fairly confident I knew how things worked.  As you can imagine, I had my naiveté firmly and quickly ripped away.  These (mostly) men were not at all interested in anything I had to say, which is incredibly frustrating to someone like me, who is egotistical enough to believe that my opinion matters .  Some of them were willing to sit and pretend to listen, but most didn’t even do that.  It became clear to me why our archaic law had not been changed in almost fifty years and why many families gave up trying after twenty or so years of failure.  Of course, they did not have Mary Ueland or Debbie Smithey.

Upon returning home from the Capitol that day in May, I felt angry and helpless.  I knew I couldn’t devote the kind of time these other ladies were…at the time I was a single, homeschooling, working mother.  I could, however, get on the good ol’ internet and blog away about how awful this whole situation was.  But what to name the blog?  I wanted something catchy but not cute.  I kept mulling over how crazy all those legislators thought us “little women” were for thinking we could ever make a difference (and of course, for having our babies at home).  I kept thinking about the fear these men had when it came to birth, and then it hit me.  Maybe, if we kept singing the rant over and over again, like they do in the Wizard of Oz, the legislators would get it.  So, here we are.